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Pioneer Professional Carpet Care

Do you want the guaranteed best carpet cleaning ever? Then you’ve come to the right place!
From pet spots to your yearly deep cleaning, our fresh approach to carpet cleaning will leave your home Cleaner, Safer and Healthier!

Below the surface your carpet can be harboring dirt, dust, and germs. Not only can this damage your carpet but it can create a very unhealthy environment for everyone in your home. Many people are not aware that your carpet is the largest ‘air filter’ in your home! Regular cleaning will keep your carpet looking great, protect your investment and even improve the indoor air quality of your home! Just like hard surface floor coverings, carpets need regular cleaning too.

With over 30 years of experience in the carpet cleaning and flooring industry, we offer the absolute BEST Service to our Valued Customers. Every carpet cleaning situation is unique and our Highly Skilled technicians take the time to do the absolute BEST Job. Our focus is on providing the most professional experience and work hard to ensure that you are completely satisfied.

No one cleans carpets more thoroughly or protects your investment better than Pioneer. Our residential and commercial carpet cleaning services flush out soil and contaminants leaving your carpet looking, feeling and smelling clean and healthy.

Which Carpet Cleaning Method Should You Use?
Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusing and misleading information out there. Who can you believe? A good place to start is the carpet manufacturers themselves. Most manufacturers – including Shaw Industries, the leading manufacturer of carpet in the world – recommend the hot water extraction method. Pioneer specializes in hot water extraction and has used it as the primary method of carpet cleaning in thousands of homes across the Fox Cities.

Since our unique cleaning process uses pressurized steam, the carpets do NOT become saturated with water. Your carpets will usually be dry in 4-6 hours after the cleaning is complete. Of course, outside humidity and inside temperature all play a role in the physics of evaporation. Your onsite Certified Technician will explain how to get your carpet dry as quickly as possible!

NO! In fact, we have many customers that are chemical sensitive and specifically choose us for that reason! We use a very mild soap specifically designed for cleaning the entire carpet, including spots. Afterward, we thoroughly rinse the carpet with pressurized steam! No chemical residue, no ‘crunchy’ carpet! Just fresh clean carpet that looks the best it can!
Let us take care of your Upholstery and Furniture too!
You can trust us with your furniture! We have the expertise, training and years of experience to do the job right! We start with an In-home analysis of your individual pieces of furniture to determine the Original Manufacturer recommended specifications for cleaning and maintenance. Next, we use specially designed products that ensure your furniture is cleaned effectively and thoroughly but safely. Finally, sit back, relax and enjoy your fresh clean furniture knowing you have protected your investment and have furniture that looks great!

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