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Carpet floor cleaner machine

So, you are looking for a commercial tile and Carpet cleaning machine? Well we have a selection in a commercial tile and Carpet cleaning machine just for you. Something that will leave the eyes of your customers dazzled. Not starring at you like your, some sort of second-rate work-person. These are commercial machines that will wow your customers with the workmanship you provide.

Getting the right equipment for the job is a must. You want equipment that gets your customers talking about you, right? Well, these tile and Carpet cleaning machines will certainly do that for you! Your customers will be able to comment to their friends and family about how new-like the floors of tile and Carpet are looking because of you. These friends and family will want to employ you as well, if you purchase one of these tile and Carpet cleaning machines. So many businesses fail, because they have not invested time in looking for the right equipment. I know that your time is limited! So, we have taken all of the hard work out of looking for a tile and Carpet cleaning machine. More time for you to invest in looking for a customer database. There is the perfect tile and Carpet cleaning machine here, now, for you to purchase today!

We have put some exhaustive time and research into this equipment for you. We have come up with these machines for you to purchase today, with absolute confidence that it will do the job just the way your customers are looking for. A cleaning machine that will have your customers coming back with more orders for cleaning, from them, their family and friends!
It is essential that you invest in a commercial tile and Carpet cleaning machine like these.
Having the right equipment is essential, right? You do not want a second-rate cleaning machine that only causes a disgruntled customer. You want to do a job that is right the first time. You want to prove you are a true craftsperson in the cleaning trade of tiles and Carpet and other surfaces. This I can assure you, you will achieve with this selection of cleaning machines of tiles and Carpet, some with adaptability of many other surfaces.
In the world of the cleaning businesses there are two types to consider when buying equipment, that is right for the job.

Residential cleaning: residential cleaning of tiles and Carpet will involve cleaning up people’s homes that are smaller areas. We have tile and Carpet cleaning machines that do this perfectly.

Commercial properties: these require larger machines and some of these machines are just what you are looking for.

Do not consider buying just one machine from this selection, but one for residential and one for commercial properties. It is a must, that you have the right business and residential equipment, so as you are competitive. It would be like turning up with a mop and bucket for a basketball court! It just will not work right? You need a tool that does what is expected. Fast, clean and leaves that tile and Carpet floor looking exquisite and new-like.

Here is the selection of tile and Carpet cleaning machines for businesses that clean for domestic and commercial properties. These, that we have trawled the internet and found, that are perfectly suitable for your business.
Oreck Commercial ORB55MC Commercial Orbiter Floor Machine:
The Oreck Commercial ORB55MC Commercial Orbiter Floor Machine is designed to simplify the task of cleaning both your property’s hard and carpeted floors. The brush moves in random directions as you move, thus avoiding the risk of leaving frustrating lines and swirls across your carpeted rooms. Furthermore, the ORB55MC is exceptionally simple to set up and operate and doesn’t require any professional advice prior to starting.

The ORB55MC features a 3/4 horsepower, 5.4 amp motor and a 13 inch cleaning path, as well as 175 RPM orbital drive which allows for the brush head to rotate as you clean, buff, polish, sand, scrub, strip, or wax your property’s flooring—no turning required on your part! It also comes equipped with a 50 foot power cord. The machine weighs in at a mere 24 pounds—incredibly lightweight!

This machine is a wonderful multi-purpose machine which is inexpensive compared to some models. It is also lightweight yet incredibly durable, with a long cord to allow for cleaning around the property without having to frequently move. However, the fact that the machine is corded means that it is not easily portable. It should also be noted that the accessories don’t come along with the model and have to be purchased separately.

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