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rug shampooers for sale

best rug cleaner 2Carpets are great for keeping your floors warm and cozy, but they are subjected to some terrible things. Shoes walking all over them, the dog and his muddy paws, children and spilt drinks and that is before you have a party! When you have carpets and a busy house, the best rug shampooer is a must have item. Although having separate machines to vacuum and clean, buying a carpet shampooer will save you time and money in the long run.

With so much variety, knowing which type of rug cleaner to buy is just one hurdle, finding the best carpet cleaner is something else. We take a look at the best carpet shampooers available. Steam cleaners and handhelds will be covered in other guides.

Things to Consider for Carpet Cleaners
A new carpet cleaner is usually something which you rely on, especially around the important times of the year like Thanksgiving and Christmas. With the family coming to stay, having nice clean carpets makes the best impression and allows you to enjoy the holiday season worry free. What are the most important things you should think about before making a purchase?

The size of your rooms and carpets. This is often an important factor when buying a machine like this. You will need a cleaner which will do the job in the shortest time possible, leaving you more time to do the things you enjoy.
The color of your carpets. The color of your carpet is likely to determine how often you will need to clean it, the lighter the carpet the more frequently it will need to be cleaned.
How busy your house is. It stands to reason that the more people you have walking through your house the dirtier the carpet is going to get, but there is another reason for considering this when choosing the best carpet cleaner for your home. If you have a very busy household, with people coming and going all day the time it takes for the carpets to dry could become a deciding factor. Wet carpets will attract dirt more quickly, unless you can stop people walking on the carpets until they are dry you will need a cleaner which leaves the carpets almost dry.
If you have pets. Pets are often considered a part of the family, and so they should be. This means that your pet often has access to every part of the house and every carpet as well. Unless you have trained your dog or cat to wipe their paws as they enter the house, there is a good chance that they walk mud and dirt in every day. This is not the only problem with pets, they also shed hair! Finding pet hair everywhere can be frustrating, even vacuuming doesn’t always solve the problem and this is why many carpet cleaning manufacturers now make products specifically designed to remove the maximum amount of pet hair from your carpets. This is not the only reason to consider this, many carpet cleaners can become clogged with pet hair if it is not specifically designed for the job.

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