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carpet washer and vacuum cleaner

Bissell or Hoover carpet cleaners? Now that’s a tough call indeed. Both are big brands. Both come with a legacy of vacuum cleaning. Both boast of excellent features to make your carpet cleaning task a breeze. And both are market leaders when it comes to home carpet cleaners. Indeed, our review of 5 of the Best Carpet Cleaners included three Bissell models and one Hoover model.

So which is better? There are really no straight answers to this question, with both the machines having some advantages and some disadvantages over each other. But, for the sake of comparison, let’s break down these advantages and disadvantages into clear lists and then tick out the pros and cons one by one to try and get some idea of which works better for you.

The first difference to note between Hoover and Bissell Carpet Cleaners is the​ range of options that each brand offers. The Bissell range is extensive and includes over 30 different models of carpet cleaner across 3 types: upright, portable and canister. Their range includes a professional line of carpet cleaners.

​Bissell’s variations of these models comprise additional options such as “lift-off”, which provides 2 machines in 1: you get an upright carpet cleaner for entire rooms and a removable spot cleaner for stairs, upholstery, auto interiors and other hard to reach areas. Other options include for example “Pet”, “Premium or “Deluxe”, each providing slight variations in features and attachments so that you can tailor to your needs.

By contrast to Bissell, the Hoover carpet cleaner range is much smaller: there are only 9 models to choose from on Hoover’s website at the time of writing, all of which are upright models. Therefore, for this comparison of Hoover vs Bissell carpet cleaners we’ve used only the latest upright models from both brands.

We’ve paired up 3 similarly priced best selling upright models from each brand to see how they compare.

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->Hoover Power Path Pro Advanced Carpet Cleaner vs Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution
->Hoover Carpet Basics Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner vs Bissell DeepClean Essential Full Sized Carpet Cleaner
->Hoover Max Extract 77 Multi-Surface Pro Carpet & Hard Floor Deep Cleaner vs Bissell ProHeat 2X Lift Off Pet Carpet Cleaner
The Hoover Power Path Pro Advanced Carpet Cleaner combines two powerful scrubbing systems to provide a really deep clean. It features Hoover’s best carpet cleaning system (the DualTECH system): consisting of Hoover’s patented SpinScrub Technology AND a rotating brushroll to lift and remove tough stains.

The removable 13 inch Dual V Nozzle and 1 gallon clean water tank let you cover large areas with less hassle. Use the 8 ft. Hose and Upholstery Tool to clean furniture and stairs then attach the Hard Floor Squeegee to get to sealed hard wood, tile and more.

Heated Cleaning and Dual Tank Technology provide a fast dry time and an easy clean-up so you can get back on your floors in no time.

Feedback suggests Hoover’s dual tank system is easier to work with than Bissell’s single tank system. Separate clean and dirty tanks appears to be a preferred choice of many people.
Really gets carpets clean and smelling nice.
The Hoover has a 2″ wider cleaning nozzle than the Bissell.
Easy assembly.
Easy to use – 2 simple cleaning modes: wash and rinse accessible via a switch on the front of the tank.
Hoover vs Bissell carpet cleaners
Very noisy
Thick carpets take a long time to dry. It seem the extraction on these units for thick carpet is insufficient. You have to press down on the unit to get it to really pull out the water in extra damp areas.
Requires quite a bit of effort to use – can be tiring work!
Works ok on hard floors, however if you have mainly this type of flooring in your home you would be better opting for a steam mop instead as they are less labour intensive to use.
Not recommended if you have pets as pet hair gets stuck in the brush roll, which is difficult to remove. The Bissell ProHeat is a better performer than this Hoover model for homes with pets.
The build quality is notser feedback suggests that the build quality is a bit flimsy with complaints of leaks and motor burn out. very robust.
T​he Bissell Proheat 2x Revolution has a slightly better rating compared to the Hoover Power Pro Advanced. This is based on ratings on the manufacturers website and also retailers such as Amazon.

The Bissell Proheat 2x Revolution pet carpet cleaner offers multiple cleaning modes to fit your needs. It includes a pet stain tool for tackling tough pet stains with ease. Furthermore, there are two cleaning modes on this unit: either express or deep clean. When using express clean mode, your carpet dries in about an hour, so you don’t have to stay off of your floors all day long.

In addition, the attached hose and tools make it easy to clean stairs, upholstery, and hard-to-reach areas. This Bissell carpet cleaner also features full-width “surround suction” enabling a fast dry of your carpets.

T​he Bissell ProHeat is much quieter than the Hoover.
The 2X Revolution has two rotating brush rolls and edge to edge cleaning and really cleans carpets effectively.
Does a good job of keeping the water always hot, unlike a lot of other carpet cleaners.
Easy to assemble, fill and clean.
Doesn’t have a huge tank, so its not ideal for very large homes.
Suction is not overly powerful, the motor on the Bissell is less powerful than Hoover’s.
Can be a pain to clean out the dirty tank.
Does a good job on low and medium pile carpets but the suction is not powerful enough to handle thick pile carpets, meaning a long time to dry.
This video demonstration courtesy of QVCtv shows off all of the features and performance of the Bissell Proheat 2X Revolution

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