Rugs are some of the most important home accessories due to their unique ability to beautify and create a serine environment either at home or at your office. However, they need to be well taken care of so as to enhance their appearance and durability. The steps involved in rug cleaning are very similar to carpet cleaning.

Here is a comprehensive guide that will help you clean your rug like a professional.

Flip it upside down once every month:
 This is one of the best ways of keeping your rug sparkling clean and tidy at all times. You can use a quality rotating brush vacuum or a beater brush to clean the back side of a woollen rug. The rotating brush will extract all dirt and debris that may have being trapped deep in the woollen material. However, the front part should only be cleaned through suction. Take note of the fact that the clean procedure used to clean woollen rugs is quite different from that used to clean synthetic rugs. For example, you can use a rotating brush vacuum to clean both the back and front parts of the rug. Hence, choose cleaning equipments depending on the material used to make the rug.

Desist from vacuuming fringes: 
This is based on the fact that fringes can easily get sucked into the vacuum cleaners beater bar. Instead, fluffing can conveniently remove any dirt and debris while at the same time retains its original quality.

Choose cleaning reagents carefully: 
Rug Cleaning reagents are very different from carpet cleaning reagents. Be sure to check the label before purchasing any cleaning reagent so as to a void purchasing the wrong one. In addition, after cleaning the rug remember to rinse it completely since any shampoo or spotter residue can easily attract and accumulate debris. It is also wise to first test the effect of the selected cleaning product using a white cotton towel so as to avoid distorting some of the rug colours.

Clean up spills immediately: 
Spills such as beverage spills are the main cause of stains in rugs. You can either scrape or blot the spillage depending on the type of spillage. If you decide to blot, use a dry clean white cotton towel. Press the towel down towards the spot and turn it over several times until a substantial amount is absorbed. Please note that rubbing the towel on the spot in a circular manner will damage your rug. Instead, you should move it along the straight lines. Other spills such as red wine can be cleaned up using reagents such as Dawn liquid dish soap and hydrogen peroxide. Mild detergents plus water can also be used to clean milk spillages.

Eliminate Pet odours: 
Most home pets love cuddling and sleeping on rugs especially during the cold season. You can effectively neutralise any odours that may arise from this pet behaviour by mixing 3 parts of water and 1 part of vinegar. In the end, blot using a white 100% woollen towel to remove any remnants.

Finally, it is of paramount importance to ensure that you dry the rug completely in open air so as to avoid creating a dump environment inside the house. Note that if your rug has high moisture content, it can attract disease causing organisms such as fungi.