Your child spilled chocolate on carpet?

Don’t worry. It’s easy as pie to clean up.

That’s where a portable carpet cleaner comes into play

Even if some full sized carpet cleaners have hoses that allow it to clean upholstery, it’s hard to beat a portable carpet and upholstery cleaner in terms of their compact and lightweight features.

The hose and nozzle combo allow it to clean areas a big carpet cleaner wouldn’t fit into.
Who will benefit most?
Folks who need a portable carpet cleaner are those who live with pets, very young children or folks who don’t care to clean up.

If you find yourself to be clumsy and tend to spill things here and there then you probably need one as well.

The carpet cleaners we will look at here are extractor-type machines.

You won’t see any steam cleaners because these are found to be not as effective in cleaning stains.

These machines will work best at removing stains and blemishes on fabric upholstery, rugs and carpet.

Design is simple – pour in hot tap water and cleaning solution (usually provided by the manufacturer) in a water tank. You then take the nozzle and rub it back and forth over the stain.

Underneath this nozzle are stiff bristles that agitate and lifts up stain.

Afterwards, you’ll take the same nozzle and suck up residue that goes into a separate water tank.

Don’t rely on this machine to disinfect bug-infested furniture because you’ll need at least 103 degrees Fahrenheit to kill those creatures.
Our Pick: Bissell SpotClean Professional 3624

The Bissell Spot Clean Professional 3624 is hands down the best performing portable carpet and upholstery cleaner available right now. It comes with a 4 foot hose that makes it very easy to use. This variant will provide great agitation without damaging (most) fabric and carpet types. Between this and a carpet steam cleaner, this would be the hands down option.

Great agitation on carpet and upholstery – effective at cleaning spot stains
Separate dirty water tank make it easy to clean
Versatile tool set – has both wide and narrow brushes to give you more options
Bissell has its own deep cleaning solution that takes out the guesswork in what to use
Will not deep clean or clean a whole room of carpet – this machine is strictly a spot cleaner
Inlet for the clean water tank isn’t airtight so it’ll drip
Pretty noisy at over 80 decibels
When it comes to the combination of stain cleaning performance and price, it’s hard to beat the Bissell Spot Clean Professional 3624.

Even if you compare this with a steam cleaner, this machine will do a better job in terms of cleaning spot stains.

Name the stain – puke, juice, wine or pet urine, this spot cleaner clean it up.

This is a great option if you need something to help you keep your upholstery clean.

It doesn’t have the ability to deep clean or disinfect but it excels at removing stains no matter the type.

To give you an idea how this machine performs, watch this video from Vacuum Wars and see how it compares to its competitors the Rug Doctor and Hoover…

Hands Free: Bissell SpotBot Stain Cleaner 33N8

Like what the name implies, the Bissell SpotBot is a hands free spot cleaner that will do the job for you. Cleaning performance is almost up to par with the Bissell SpotClean Professional but this one has the advantage of you not having to manually scrub back and forth. However the nozzle attachment does not clean as well.


  • Hands free option to spot clean carpet, rugs or upholstery
  • Great option to clean pet litter, poop, stains, wine, grease and more
  • Easy to use and stow away
  • Comes with two cleaning cycles for walkaway convenience


  • Nozzle attachment will not work as well as the main brush

Folks who don’t like the idea of manually scrubbing stains will appreciate the hands free nature of the Bissell SpotBot 33N8.

This spot cleaner is unique in that it does the scrubbing for you.

Underneath this machine is a brush that spins like a street sweeper to agitate carpet.

Using this is a little bit different.

Instead of scrubbing the nozzle back and forth, you place the machine directly on the stain and let the brush do the work.

Surprisingly, this scrubber works quite well on a variety of stains. Consumers say that this spot cleaner can clean pet puke, food stains and baby stains.

It also comes with a detachable hose and nozzle should there be a need to clean stains on areas that the main brush cannot clean.

Unfortunately, the nozzle does not clean as well as the main cleaning brush.Bottom line: The Bissell SpotBot 33N8 is a great option for folks looking for a hands free solution to clean stains off carpet. Even if this is branded as a carpet cleaner, you can also use this on upholstery as effective.