Household chores are really the bane of everybody’s existence; especially if you have to clean out those tiny nook and corners of your house. Scrubbing out floors and bathrooms is an intense workout on its own and often leaves us all with tired wrists and aching backs.

There, however, is a way with which you can avoid this immense discomfort: by using the best power scrubber bathroom and tiles. The thing with these scrubbers like electric scrubber brush, is that they are so much better at cleaning than our fragile human hands.

Here’s the deal:
For your convenience, we decided to compile a list of the top power scrubbers out in the market right now. And to get it right, we looked into a lot of customer reviews of many bathtub scrubbers and shower scrubbers etc. Certainly, there were many cordless scrubber reviews and spin scrubber reviews that we crossed paths with.

  1. Vandora Tub and Tile Scrubber
    Vandora Tub and Tile Scrubber

Here’s why we love it:

It is portable and cordless
Its electric scrubbing brush system can work through all types of cracks and corners
Long extension handle
The first one in our list of power scrubbers is the Vendora tub and tile spin scrubber. This is a low cost power scrubber for floors and tiles which is definitely worth the buy.

This electric scrubber bathroom is not only a good shower scubbers but does so much more than that. It does not require any electric outlet or a cable which often proves an inconvenience while cleaning. With its lightweight removable long handle tub scrubber, you can really relax your back and arms as you scrub out the toughest of slime from your homes.

The most interesting part?

It comes with different types of battery powered scrub brushes which are good for cleaning multiple types of surfaces, indoor and outdoor. Its flexibility allows it to clean out curved surfaces like sinks and door slots etc.

You can even use it to clean Leather glue.

Final Verdict:

Considering its price, the 3 attachments are a pretty good deal. Overall, it is a great household and bathroom scrubber which a lot of people can afford.

  1. Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber
    Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber

Here’s why we love it:

Strong and High torque scrubber
Adjustable brush handle
Fast charging
The Homitt electric spin scrubber is considered to be among the top tier electric shower scrubbers. Along with that, it is also the go to best bathtub scrubber available right now.

It is a worthy inclusion in the power scrubbers’ list, and here’s why:

Once charged, this battery powered scrubber can last up to 50 minutes with intense scrubbing. It comes with 4 different replaceable brushes, including a spinning bathroom brush to get rid of the sticky soap and shampoo residue and mildew etc. The power brush scrubber spins with a high torque to get rid of even the most stubborn stains which will eventually save you a lot of cleaning time. If you want to know homitt electric spin scrubber where to buy, then click on the link above.

The best part: All its detachable heads are waterproof.

Final verdict:

If you’re wondering what is a good electric brush to clean bathtub? This is it. Its high intensity brushes, like the shower spin brush, can leave your bathroom, tiles and tube spotless.