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Dirt free carpet cleaning

About Dirt Free Carpet
Dirt Free officially began as a carpet cleaning company in the late 1980’s in Houston, Texas.

Owner Aubrey Thoede recalls the early years,” We started off as part of the industry using Rug Doctors. In those days, people would have to put paper down after they had their carpets cleaned because the carpet would stay wet for three days. Carpet cleaners pumped soaps and chemicals through the lines because that was the only way they could loosen the dirt. With our portable electric machines, we had to be careful not to kick the breakers on the light sockets. I actually had to redesign my machine with two electric cords just to deal with this issue. We eventually saved enough money to buy a twenty five horsepower (lawn mower engine powered) truck mount machine. Unfortunately, even it was too weak to clean the carpets down to their primary backing, so as a result, we saw our customer base every three to four months to deal with the same recurring issues. At some point we realized that soaps were not the answer, but in fact, were part of the problem.” Other inherent flaws in the industry were problems with over-wetting, re-occurring spots, and long extended periods of dry time.

All of these issues inspired Aubrey to separate Dirt Free from the industry (and the competition) through innovation. Aubrey realized that there needed to be an improvement in the power of the equipment, and the industry had no answers. A team of engineers was assembled, and with their help, he was able to design a new more powerful”Van Powered” cleaning machine. This new type of machine utilized the van’s motor instead of an electric motor or lawn mower engine. It was light years ahead of any other machine on the market. His first generation of machines assembled in the early 1990’s were even much more powerful than machines commonly sold today by many carpet cleaning machine manufacturers.

The vision for the future of Dirt Free is to weather the economic trials the entire nation has been through, and formulate new ways to save the carpet cleaning customer money over the replacement cost of their flooring. Aubrey explains,” Recent economic circumstances have put pressure on the individual customer. As a result,we want to find ways to go into their homes and give them relief from the economic troubles they face while providing unparalleled service.”
Fine Persian and Oriental Rug Cleaning
Did you know that most area rug cleaning companies use a cleaning agent similar to common laundry soap? Most of these cleaning agents (soaps) may or may not damage fine rug fibers, but either way they leave a soapy chemical residue that will cause the rugs to attract soils more quickly. The majority of fine area rugs are normally made from either wool or silk yarns. They may also be a blend of both types of fiber. Wool and silk are two of the most absorbent natural fibers known to man. If not cleaned and sealed properly, they will quickly absorb all types of dirt and airborne debris. This soiling will cause them to appear dull and faded, and can actually damage the fibers over time. Who can you trust with your fine Persian and Oriental area rugs? Dirt Free, of course! Dirt Free has been cleaning and maintaining fine Persian and Oriental area rugs for more than 20 years. We use our 5000 square foot area rug cleaning facility to clean, dry, and protect all types of area rugs. Our total cleaning process can normally be completed within only a few days, and pick-up and delivery are always included in the price.

Our patented cleaning methods have been designed to clean natural fibers without damaging or removing any of the natural oils in the fibers. These natural oils act as a preservative and help to keep the fibers soft to the touch. Whether silk, wool, or synthetic, your rug will receive customized cleaning and careful attention to detail. We regularly clean area rugs with estimated values from five hundred dollars to well over one hundred fifty thousand dollars. Our patented and time tested cleaning methods will ensure your rugs are restored to their original soft texture while leaving them free of chemical residues. As one of our valued customers, you may prefer to have your area rugs cleaned on site at your home of office. We can accommodate you and even seal your area rugs at your location. If you choose this option, we will take every precaution to protect your surrounding floors while the rugs are being cleaned and sealed. Either way, we guarantee your satisfaction. Call today to schedule an appointment, and one of our certified area rug cleaning specialists can inspect and evaluate the safest and most effective way of cleaning your area rugs.

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