How does steam cleaners work?
Steam cleaners achieve cleaning of hard Floors by heating up water, producing steam at high pressure. Such steam is the factor behind the elimination of germs, grease, and dirt. With these powerful cleaning machines, cleaning the floor with extra power including corners, cracks, and crevices becomes a lot more easier. The surge in demand resulted to the increase in steam cleaner models in the market today.

This beckons the question; do they really deliver what they promise? In reality, a significant number of steam cleaners may fail to deliver what they promise. This means that you will need to consider doing some homework before purchasing one. This can be quite overwhelming considering that there are a variety of options available. That is the ultimate reason why we’ve compiled the 10 best steam cleaners in 2019.

Picking the best steam cleaner isn’t an easy task. You will need to identify and look for what you want. This basically involves looking at the various features and factors to consider when you are searching for steam cleaners. We’ve outlined some of the factors to ease your search below.

Best Steam cleaner under 100$ (Budegt)
O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop

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O-Cedar has been in the market since the early 20th century. This not only guarantees that manufacturers know what they are up to, and also prepare efficient products. Their latest product to the market is the O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop. So to say, it is the company’s first steam mop.

Manufacturers advertise that this product guarantees killing up to 99.9 percent of bacteria on floors without using any chemicals. It specifically guarantees that this product is being tested in E. coli. Once powered on, this steam mop heats up in 20 seconds.

The triangular shape is perhaps the most recognizable unique feature of this steam cleaner. The head is designed to be triangular to make corner cleaning quite easy. The head is also flexible and swivels, allowing you to maneuver easily around the house furniture, thus you can achieve proper house coverage.

The microfiber pads are the other intriguing component of this steam cleaner. Like other steam mops of the same caliber, it uses an absorbent microfiber which absorbs water effectively on the floor, so it promotes swift drying. The pads are also soft, gentle, and safe for the floors during the steam cleaning process. Actually, the pads are composed of 91% polyester and a 9% of other materials, allowing steam to penetrate quickly.

The steam power and the steam level settings of this cleaner are outstanding. As mentioned before, the cleaner heats up in 20 seconds, thus you can get a quick plug-in steam time. As if this isn’t enough, the O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop also comes with two steam volume settings. You can either choose minimum, which is perfect for delicate floors such as wood and laminate or maximum settings for sealed hard floors.

The self-protective mode is the other feature that will make you love this steam cleaner. For instance, when water volume decreases to critical levels in the cleaner, the self-protective mode is triggered where the device stops working, and the LED light turns red. This indicates that the cleaner isn’t suitable for use. Once refilled, the LED light turns from red to green signaling that you can proceed.

The Snap-on glider accessory is the favorite accessory of this steam mop. This applies to those who want to refresh the carpets. Once the carpet glider accessory is snapped in place, push and pull the steam cleaner on the carpet’s surface for an efficient clean-up.

Heats up only in 20 seconds.
Lightweight – 2.3 KGS.
Adjustable steam settings.
Easy to assemble.
Sanitizes really quickly and efficiently.
Doesn’t feel much sturdy.
Carpet Snap-on feature snaps off easily.